What is colic? Colic ‘s the name given to repeated episodes of intense crying, often at the same time of day, or late afternoon with no apparent cause. Symptoms of colic include very tight abdominal muscles, sudden and loud crying […]

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde Today, the personal care giant announced that it would voluntarily (after consistent pressure from the public and groups like EWG) remove hidden formaldehyde from their baby products like baby shampoo […]

Biological unity

From birth onwards From birth onwards the biological unity maintained by a mother and her child throughout pregnancy does not stop but remains just as intensively functional and mutually involving. During birth the mother’s uterine contractions that serve to push […]

Breast is best

Breastfeeding May Help Reduce the Risk of Alzeimer’s Disease Although improved healthcare has contributed to longer healthier lives, along with ageing comes an increasing risk of dementia. Although the exact cause of dementia remains unknown, new research has shown that […]