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Our Work with Infant Disability and Developmental Delay

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The Developmental Baby Massage Centre specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of developmental delay, cerebral palsy, and Prader–Willi syndrome. We offer one-to-one online or in-person based rehabilitation workshops aimed at treating these issues.

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With over forty years of experience in working with child disability, we have met with and treated a significant number of children who have defied their medical prognosis despite having been given little or no hope of ever lifting their heads, sitting, walking, or engaging in any kind of voluntary movement.

We have found that there is much that can be accomplished in the weeks following birth before rigidity and limpness become more established and combine with weight gain to make it even more difficult for the child to achieve any of their motor milestones.

In many instances, a clinical diagnosis of the underlying cause can be difficult to assess and can take months to identify. Even with babies that are known to be at risk of motor delay and disability, arranging an appointment with a specialist can take weeks, especially during a holiday period. Following this, a course of treatment then has to be decided upon and further appointments made to see a qualified practitioner, all of which can take months.

We believe that compassion, patience, and practice are key in a child’s healing and the application of the techniques can be practiced consistently through what we have coined ‘Therapeutic Play’.

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