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Developmental Baby Massage

Developmental Baby Massage is a good means of assessment. It maintains and promotes flexibility while your baby strengthens, and strengthens the spine, hands, arms, shoulders and back. Other benefits:

  • Ensures full flexibility of joints including spine, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles;
  • Promotes good posture sitting and standing;
  • Keeping baby’s spine straight and strong when bending forward, sitting and standing;
  • Encourages a wide variety of versatile movement and good balance;
  • Develops a strong structural foundation and more self confidence;
  • Helps to strengthen a strong straight back;
  • Helps to keep the baby’s heels down and spread the baby’s feet securely on the floor to enable him/her to stand and walk with more confidence and security;
  • Opens front of chest and shoulders, which helps to deepen breathing volume;
  • Relaxes baby’s tummy to ease anxiety, colic and other tummy ailments
  • Stimulates ascending and descending colon to encourage an easier digestive system and a more relaxed baby;
  • Encourages and promotes your baby’s circulation to warm and relax your baby’s legs and feet;
  • Maintains and promotes emotional attachment and confidence in handling and being held.