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Developmental Baby Massage Teacher Training

Online mother and baby group (inc father/partner/carer)
Mondays 10am – 11.00am
6 weeks upto sitting and standing (not mobile)
Online Teacher Training Courses now available

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This course covers the 6 key aspects of Developmental Baby Massage and provides an unparalleled educational experience for professionals that are aiming to teach Developmental Baby Massage. This teacher training course includes high quality learning aids including filmed case studies and slides, and resources given include as a copy of Peter’s best selling international book ‘Developmental Baby Massage’ (4th reprint and update May 2019) plus updated course notes for all delegates and session notes for parents.

For neonatal nurses, nursery nurses, midwives, doulas, health visitors, pre and postnatal yoga teachers and all others working with mothers and babies.
Upon successful completion of the course all delegates will receive a certificate accredited by FEDANT and IPTI.

This teacher training course was originally four days and University Accredited. Now a more convenient two day intensive course, it covers the following 6 critical facets needed to practice Developmental Baby Massage in a professional and personal capacity.

  1. Emotional Intelligence and a Loving Touch
    Birth to 8 Weeks. (Pre and Postnatal Teaching)
    The Roots of Bonding and Attachment 

Emotional Intelligence and Developing a loving touch, secure holding, and safe tummy time.
Promoting overall good reciprocity to facilitate mother-infant bonding and attachment.
Remedial touch techniques to relieve intra-uterine and difficult birth experience
Holding and stroking techniques prior to massage to relieve physiological flexion and abdominal tension and promoting safe tummy time.
Techniques to release the phrenic nerve and diaphragm and improve respiration.

  1. Developmental Baby Massage from 8 weeks to Standing.

This part of the course centres on:

Massage – Techniques and strokes are demonstrated to parents using a teacher’s doll, with emphasis on loving touch, and responding to baby’s cues and communication.
Assessment and Remedial Touch
Infant Development
– “Nature’s milestones”, joint flexibility, muscular strength and coordination improving circulatory, respiratory rhythms, back strength and overall muscle tone.
The Enteric (“Baby Brain”) and the Central Nervous Systems.

  1. Infant Balance and Good Posture

This part of the course demonstrates to parents and practitioners:

Primary preparation for sitting and standing using gravity assisted techniques for stronger structural foundations focusing on the transitions from sitting positions to squatting, crawling, standing and eventually walking.

  1. Therapeutic Play to Relieve Stiff and Floppy Baby Syndromes

Focusing on:

Early intervention and physical enablement.
Motivation and movement cranial neuroplasticity.
and centralised movement.
Remedial touch massage and movement to relieve “Stiff and Floppy baby syndrome.

  1. Contra-Indications

This part of the course spotlights:

The guidelines for safe teaching including appropriate baby massage oils and their usage.

  1. Convening and Teaching Your Groups

This part of the course demonstrates:

How to convene both one to one and group sessions in a safe environment for babies, practitioners and teachers alike.
Post – Course materials include a Bi-Monthly newsletter and post-course support for all teachers.

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In House teacher training given
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Tel: 01761854059

Also available: Refresher Course for Teachers certified before 2016 – One Day Developmental Baby Massage Teaching Update is necessary
All details available on request